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Ani/Mei pre-order

UPD:Pre-order is closed.

11cm Ani/Mei BJD pre-order starts today

Here and here you can find tons of WIP pics of me sculpting their prototype.

Ani is a face with an anime look, and Mei is a face with elf ears and somewhat tricky look.

- Nude doll WITHOUT A WIG (assembled doll, one faceplate, all tiny joints sueded with real sued, all seam lines removed by me personally. You can choose eye colour - violet/pink/blue/green/orange/rainbow, box with logo, certificate) - 290$
- Additional faceplate - 20$
- Wig with two magnetic pony-tales (so you can change their position for artistic purpose and better balance) in violet/pink/peach/red/black/white resin - 60$
- Wig with one pony-tail in violet/pink/peach/red/black/white resin - 40$
- make-up option - 30$ make-up will be made by make-up artist Lera Akhimova (choose make-up variant from photo below)
Skin-tone: light

Eye size is 7mm
I do not like eyes that I have now and plan to find eyes that will look better.
Colours will be as following, you can choose eye colour
- violet
- pink
- blue
- green
- orange
- rainbow

Ani/Mei BJD will be limited edition - no more than 70 dolls will be made. I will engrave number inside the head part. It means that I will number bodies, not faceplates.

First 6-10 dolls will be shipped in one months after first payment. Then I plan to make and ship 3 dolls a week (sanding seam lines and sueding takes much time) upd: maybe I will have time to make only 2 dolls a week - sanding is killing me:)

Worldwide EMS expedited shipping (shipping fee around 30-50$ depending on location)

First payment - a half of full price
Second payment (when doll is ready to be shipped) - another half + shipping fee

- Please write me an e-mail to maria.zhukova84@gmail.com
- tell me what faceplate - Ani/May/both you would like to have
- do you want to have a resin wig - wig with one ponytail or with two magnetic movable pony-tales. And in what colour - in violet/pink/peach/red/black/white
- if make-up is needed
- what eye colour would you like: violet/pink/blue/green/orange/rainbow
- write me you full name, address, mobile phone for the delivery

Wait for my response
Please, do not be discouraged if it will take some time.
I will calculate full sum and will ask you to make a first payment (first half of this sum) via paypal. Please DO NOT MAKE ANY PAYMENTS BEFORE consulting with me.
Layaway accepted this time. Payment splits in 3-4 parts, first payment is 160$ and is NOT REFUNDABLE

These photos shows wig's colours best on my display, choose wig colour based on this two photos, but, please remember that it may vary depending on your display's colour temperature.

This very red wig has a bit of translucency, but in future it wouldn't.

Nude dolls with wigs

Make-up options

Mei1 - for black wigs
Mei2 - for peach colour wigs (eyebrow shape could be made like all others, it was an experiment)
Mei3 - for pink and red wigs
Mei4 - for violet wigs
Mei5 - for white wigs (sadly has no photo yet)

In Ani's make-up there is a slight difference in eyelashes

Ani1 - eyelashes on both upper and liver lids
Ani2 - no separate eyelashes
Ani3 - eyelashes on upper lids
If you want to order Mei's make-up, please let me know what number you'll prefer - 1/2/3 depending on eyelashes issue, a-ha-ha, and what make-up colour would you like with this style - violet/pink-red/peach/black/white

It is hard to believe but it is violet, not blue. Excuse me for my unprofessional photos

Prototype's photos. You can see rainbow coloured eyes here

In company of Domisol bjd by my best friend  Mary Pikunova