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15 Little dragon's sale starts on Saturday (9 Dec. 2017)!

Happy to announce that this Saturday (9 Dec. 2017) starting on 8:00 AM (UTC) I will sell 15 last Little Dragons! 5 colours of resin, 3 dragons each.


Good point is dragons are already made and will be shipped in 10 days period after payment (240$+shipping fee).

Besides this 15 dragons bunch I plan to make the very one One of a kind (OOAK) little dragon and sell him via Ebay (with a very low starting price. Auction date and OOAK dragon's photos will be announced on my instagram, friend me if you don't want to miss it! I plan to make him rainbow maybe ^___^) and that's will be it - no more Little dragons will ever be sold!

No blush version this time, just coloured resin polished to gloss by my hand.
If you would like to know how I've been sculpting the prototype, here is a big post about it.

Some info:
• Dragon is 10cm tall
• Eye size is 12mm
• Casting by Korchagin Studio
• 9 joints + magnetic jaw (and magnetic horned cap too of course, so there are 6 magnets in his head!)
• Stringed using elastic (1mm thick)
• Metal bars
• All joints are lined with natural leather for best pose fixation (blank version too!)
• Cute and safe box
• Certificate of authenticity

Here you can see how I pack my dragons, and here is an old pre-order post, but there are many photos of dragons, so you could better see the sculpt, and please remember that this time they will be without a blush.

If you want to buy one of 15 Little dragons in colour resin:

• choose your colour - green, violet, pink, blue or yellow

This Saturday (9 Dec. 2017) starting on 8:00 AM (UTC) (and not before!) send me an e-mail to maria.zhukova84@gmail.com and write what colour you would like to buy. "I want violet!" or "I want green, but if all greens are sold already, yellow will do!" - something along this lines. NO PAYING BEFORE I ASK YOU!!

I will answer you if this colour is available and if it is, this dragon is considered reserved for you.

There is no hurry from this point and you can answer this important questions:
- write colour once more, so all info will be in one place for me
- do you want me to paint dragon's mouth pink, or only paint teeth and leave mouth and tongue colour as it is in resin (if you are very attentive you can see both variants on my photos)
- write your full name, address and mobile number
- write what Value I should fill in in shipping papers. It it important because customs fees (wich are different in every country) depend on this Value, usually customers ask me to fill in 30$ or 100$, but i can fill any value you like.

Send me all this info and give me some time to calculate shipping payment and write you the final sum (dragon+delivery). I will write you the sum to pay and PayPal account (maybe it will be mine, maybe my husband's account)

• only than make a payment

I will confirm the payment and will ship your dragon in 10 days period and write you the trekking number.

It seems to me Blue is thinking about diet))
- Once someone told me it is bad to eat so much sweets...

- ....oOOooooooh.....

- What an awful thing he is saying about sweets...it is bad to eat so much sweets?

- Don't listen to them! Eat some more, dear!

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