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Little dragons Pre-order info

UPD: pre-order is long closed, this info is just for the history

Hello everybody!
Happy to present my new bjd - Little dragon! They are only 10cm high and full of joy, i hope you like them.
Specifically for this very Pre-order announcement i've painted 4 options of body-blush, i call them (not quite originality, i might say):
1) green
2) orange
3) violet-pink
4) blue

Also white blank is available too.

If you would like to know how i've been sculpting him, here is a big post about it.

Some info:
• Dragon is 10cm tall
• Eye size is 12mm
• Casting by Dolls Casting Service
• 9 joints + magnetic jaw (and magnetic horned cap too of course, so there are 6 magnets in his head!)
• Stringed using elastic (1mm thick)
• Metal bars
• All joints are lined with natural leather for best pose fixation (blank version too!)
• For blush i use pastels, acrylic paints and UV-cut Mr. Super Clear.
• Cute and safe box
• Certificate of authenticity

White blank version - pair of random eyes, sanded and stringed, all joints lined with leather, box, certificate - 220$+shipping (first payment - 120$, second - 100$+shipping).

Version with blush - one of 4 colours as on photos above, pair of matching eyes (green one will get green eyes or violet as on photo if you want), all joints lined with leather, box, certificate) - 250$+shipping (first payment - 150$, second - 100$+shipping).

I need a week to make 4 dragons with a blush (it takes me so much time to sand parts once more, install metal bars, line the joints, make 3-4 layers of pastels and Clear, assemble and pack 4 dragons with blush).
Or i need a week to make 8 blank dragons.

Important point is that the time it will take me to make a dragon for you will depend on your place in queue. And your place in the queue depends on when you make a first payment on my PayPal.

So that's what you should do in order to order (haha!) one of mine dragons:

After Pre-Order is opened please send me first payment (120$ for blank or 150$ for blush version) on my PayPal account maria.zhukova84@gmail.com
          UPD: PRE-ORDER is closed, no more ordering, please! ^______^  This Info is just for the history

Send me an e-mail (no Instgram Direct - it doesn't want to work on my mobile, use only e-mail, please), write me:
 - Do you want to order White blank version (choose eye colour - green, yellow, violet of blue) or Blush version (choose blush colour - green, orange, violet-pink, or blue)
 - Write your full NAME, ADDRESS and MOBILE PHONE NUMBER for delivery

And await my confirmation. In my confirmation letter i will give you your number in a queue. Every time i will share a photo on Instagram (https://www.instagram.com/mariya_zhukova_cloverdolls/) in a first comment i will write what is the exact number i'm working on. I need a months to order boxes and eyes, print certificates, so on 27 of April i'll send first 16 dragons (or more i hope) and every next week i'll send 4 more.

Please be sure that i will answer you as soon as i can! I need to write all customer's data in my tables so all will be nice and neat and it takes some time, please do not worry, i will write you back as soon as possible

Using instructions are the same as for all bjd:
- do not scratch blush surface (while posing a dragon please be sure HE doesn't scratch his painted chest with his own nails!:)
- avoid exposure to direct sunlight
- my bjds are decoration and collection items and are not made to be used by children

I want to add that in a few months i plan to make one more pre-rder for 4 colours of resin - there too will be pastel green, yellow, violet and blue. Colour resin is not so artistic looking like white+pastel, but it is more durable, because there is no way to scratch off the paint.

Dragon in a company of 1:12 "Domisol" dolls by my best friend Maria Pikunova